Paid Search


Paid Search Marketing can be an incredibly valuable tool—but only if the person managing the campaigns has had their fair share of experience. Our team will execute extensive research on keywords, remarketing, and retargeting to increase your conversions and your click-through-rate. Expertise that comes with our diverse portfolio of clients will have you wondering why you didn’t ask for our help sooner. We’re versed in an array of ad types (shopping, search, and display), ensuring our ability to aid you on landing page and conversion optimization.

Amazon. Google. Bing. Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Tik-Tok. Linked-In. Walmart. You name it, we can and have managed it successfully for numerous brands. Paid Media Advertising is a way of life now. What used to be purchasing television, radio, and billboard ads, has been replaced during the digital age to social news feeds, ads scrolling through articles, or sponsored products on e-commerce sites.


Advertising is useless unless you’re using the proper keywords and targeting the right audience. Let us take all the tedious time-consuming work off your hands. With extensive research on the best keywords and most accurate demographic/geographic target, putting your product in front of the right eyes. Once you get the ad in front of the right audience, it has to speak to them. Copywriting and imagery A/B testing is the next step in acing conversions. We’ll guide you to the digital advertising frontier.


Once you’ve sparked the consumers’ interest with your ad, you’ll need to make it stick. The perfect landing page is just as important as the content of the ad. We’ll ensure the path of least resistance to get your consumers through the checkout process. Landing pages can also affect ad approval. We will consult on page alterations, as well as appeal through the ad platform.


After the ads are set up, approved, and converting, you can’t just get complacent. Our reporting will give you insight on when to increase and expand keywords. We also will execute retargeting and look alike audiences to effectively expand into new segments without alienating your current retained audience.