Always on the frontier, TMA has identified Walmart Marketplace is an emerging platform which can supplement e-commerce sales, help control total brand presence, and increase brand awareness for all shoppers. Walmart offers a drop shipping program (Walmart Fulfillment Services) which includes customer services and 2 day shipping. Eligibility for this program requires a rigorous vetting period. TMA has experience helping brands through this process and to begin ramp on Walmart. The Walmart Marketplace also includes features such as paid advertising with a unique algorithm which our PPC experts are trained to use.


Walmart has launched their fulfillment service and has also implemented a more scrupulous application process. Without experience, it’s easy to make small mistakes which could extend a brand’s application period. TMA has experience recovering brands who have made these errors and launching accounts smoothly.


If a brand is just launching on Walmart or is already established, TMA is well versed in setting up new catalogs and optimizing an existing one. We can also help in troubleshooting Walmart’s hazardous material requirements and overcoming listing challenges.

PPC Management

PPC management on Walmart may look a little different for a product based platform. Options such as Walmart performance ads, native banner ads, catapult ads, and site search feature ads all bring value to the brand’s advertising strategy and each is controlled by a unique algorithm.


3PS and contributors may stand in the way of immediate brand control on Walmart Marketplace. Walmart Marketplace analytics tools are largely proprietary, there are very few bolt-on tools available. TMA has mastered their features to perfectly optimize product pages on WM to satisfy Walmart’s search engine. We can write from scratch or leverage existing assets and branding material.